Flourish Probiotics

artisanal crafted living probiotic

The gut must have a balanced ecosystem of good and bad bacteria to allow for optimal health. The wrong bacteria in the wrong place can cause problems, but the right bacteria in the right place can trigger vast health benefits. Flourish is an artisanal crafted living probiotic that remains in the most natural liquid form. The all-natural fermentation process provides the good bacteria with all the nutrition from their food source needed to continue to live, thrive and multiply even after bottling. Flourish probiotics are brewed with love in the Midwest. Here's some reasons why I love them... all-natural, made in the USA, artisanally-crafted in small batches, free of major allergens and independent third-party tested.

Mountain Rose Herbs

organic herbs + spices

High quality and sustainably sourced herbs and more. My go to for over a decade for all herbal medicine making needs! Use code "15PurePlants" for 15% off your order.

Young Living

essential oils + natural cleaning

My favorite source for pure essential oils, cleaning supplies, supplements and more. The Thieves line is a must have for natural and toxic free homes.

Azure Standard

non-GMO food + products

Our pantry is stocked full of food and supplies from Azure Standard! I love the company's vision and purpose of bringing the healthiest non-GMO food to communities while supporting farmers.